Schwegler Habitats

Schwegler wood-crete nest boxes are extremely durable and well suited to all weather conditions. Schwegler have an enviable reputation for producing wildlife habitats manufactured from a wood-concrete material made up of 75% wood and various additives to compensate for climatic changes. This process not only provides insulation against temperature fluctuations but allows air to pass through the walls, and prevents the formation of condensation which often occurs in nest boxes made of plastic, stone or entirely of concrete. Schwegler guarantee their wood-crete habitats to last for at least 20 - 25 years. 
Schwegler nesting boxes and Schwegler habitats are available for bats, birds, hedgehogs and even frogs to name just a few. Wood-crete nest boxes and Schwegler bat boxes have already proved to be a remarkable success throughout Europe with over 8.5 million products sold. Schwegler products offer a good level of protection against predators, they are easy to install, inspect and clean, which makes them a great nesting box for conservation sites where several decades of breeding is being encouraged.

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