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Dovecote Bird Box

Dovecote Bird Box

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Dovecote Nest Box

Dovecote nesting box with a 32mm hole to attract the widest range of garden birds.

This traditional style dovecote bird box is manufactured from sustainable timber, handmade roof shingles with a white finial top whilst the nest box is strengthened with two steel straps. The back of the dovecote is flat with a keyhole hang and a hinged door provides access for cleaning out at the end of the nesting season. The dovecote bird box has a shabby chic finish which can be coated each season to maintain appearance.
The dovecote nest box will make a very attractive feature in your garden.

Dovecote Bird Box dimensions:

H 505mm W 315mm D 205mm
Weight: 2.5kg
Dovecote 32mm entrance hole

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