Collection: Pest Deterrents

Protect your property with cat deterrents, mice deterrents, fox deterrents and pest deterrents.
We each have different ideas about what animal is a pest, so whether its anything from a mouse to a fox that you want to deter most of us still do not want to harm them.These ultrasonic pest deterrents make a friendly and humane way of defending your property and gardens from cats, foxes, pine martens, mice and other nuisance animals. All of our products are inaudible to humans and harmless to all species and we are so confident of the quality of our pest deterrents that they each come with a manufacturer´s guarantee. 
We have two local cats that like to hang out around the Gardenature bird feeders, we put the Ultrasonic CATWatch to the test and after just two weeks no more cats, so thats a big thumbs up from us!