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Mains Adaptor Kit - Ultrasonic Deterrents

Mains Adaptor Kit - Ultrasonic Deterrents

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Mains Adaptor Kit for ultrasonic animal deterrents

This optional mains power supply increases the volume of the Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent, CatFree, Fox Deterrent by up to 30% and PESTFree products up to 20%.
Maintains ultrasonic pest deterrent operation at peak efficiency as opposed to the declining power output of batteries for just a few pence per month.

Mains Adaptor Kit includes:

  • Input:100 - 240v AC UK (3 pin) plug / transformer 
  • Output:12v DC 0.3A 
  • Cable length: 10 metre
  • PP3 type connector + -
  • Weatherproof Cable
  • AC/DC plug needs to be protected from weather.

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