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Beach Days Bird Box

Beach Days Bird Box

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This charming beach hut-style bird box is constructed from cedar, and it easily fixed to a tree or post. You can watch as a range of small garden birds use the box to nest in and take shelter from the elements


Sustainably Sourced: Made from cedar, the Beach Days Bird Box is stylish, natural and sourced sustainably.

Easy assembly: A mounting hook simply attaches to a hook or nail in a fence or tree.

Low maintenance: This nest box is long-lasting and doesn't require painting, varnishing or the use of preservatives.

Attract a range of garden birds: The small entrance hole is perfect for attracting the Blue Tit and a range of other small-hole nesting species.


Size: W18cm x D15cm x H25.5cm

Material: Cedar

Colour: Light Blue

Buying a bird box

Putting a nest box in your garden is a great way to attract a range of birds and provide much-needed habitats for nesting and roosting. There are a wide range of boxes available on the market, but not all are wildlife friendly. Here are our guidelines for buying a bird-friendly nest box.

Material: Bird boxes should be made from an insulating material such as wood or a special waterproof wood/concrete compound. You should avoid boxes made from dense materials such as metal or ceramic as the nest box can become too hot or too cold for birds to survive during extreme weather conditions.

Durability: The walls of a wooden nest box should be at least 15mm thick. Nest boxes made from cedar, oak or beech will last much longer than softer woods such as pine. Wooden boxes can be treated with preservative, provided it is non-toxic and water based.

Size: A 32mm entrance hole should is an ideal size for a range of small hole nesting birds such as sparrows and tits. If you only want to attract Blue Tits, a smaller 28mm hole should be chosen.

Decoration: Boxes with ornate decoration or perches under the entrance hole should be avoided as these can provide a foothold for squirrels and other predators to threaten the chicks inside the box. Bird boxes that are attached to bird tables are also not ideal as nesting birds and feeding birds can come into conflict.

Having a bird box is an enjoyable way to get closer to garden wildlife. We are proud to provide a range of boxes for all budgets, including our signature pre-assembled nest box camera systems which allow you to view the inside of the nest box on a TV or smartphone device.

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