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pitched roof bird box

pitched roof bird box

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Camera-Ready Bird Box only


This is a camera ready nest box, it does not include a camera but has appropriate fittings to house a wired or wireless bird box camera kit or an IP nest box Camera.  

Our camera ready multi-species nest box offers market leading quality and value for money. These camera bird boxes have been designed and hand made in our own workshops from (weather resistant) high grade PEFC Cedar wood (sourced from well managed forests) and follows guidelines suggested by the RSPB and British Trust for Ornithology. This traditional pitched roof camera ready nest box has a removable front panel with a 32 mm entrance hole making it suitable for the widest range of garden birds including:

  • Blue Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Great Tits
  • House Sparrows
  • Robins (with the front panel removed)
  • And possibly Wrens

The nest box has a sliding drawer in the roof apex to house the camera and connections. A quick release camera mounting bracket is also fitted to hold the camera in the optimum position. 
The camera position with this bird box would allow for a top down view of the nesting chamber.

Camera-Ready Nest Box Dimensions: 

  • Exterior H 304 x W 140 x D 180 mm
  • Internal Nest Chamber H 210 x W 103 x D 140 mm 


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