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Teardrop Butterfly Barn

Teardrop Butterfly Barn

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This charming butterfly barn is constructed from responsibly sourced wood, and is easily hooked to a nail or branch. You can watch as a range of beautifully majestic butterflies flutter in and out of the box. It’s the perfect blend of style and function. 


Sustainably Sourced:  Made from wood and bamboo, the Teardrop Butterfly Barn is stylish, natural, and sourced sustainably.

Easy assembly: A fabric hook simply attaches to a hook or nail in a fence or tree. 

Low maintenance: This butterfly barn is long-lasting and doesn’t require painting, varnishing or the use of preservatives.

Attract a range of butterflies: The small entrance hole is perfect for attracting a range of beautiful and colourful butterfly species. 


Material: Wood and Bamboo

Size: W13cm x D12cm x H20.5cm

Colour: Baby Blue 

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