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Minibeast Lodge

Minibeast Lodge

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This fun lodge-style minibeast hotel is a family favourite and is great fun to watch as a range of bees, butterflies, ladybirds and other insects check-in for a stay. 



Sustainable materials:  Made from sustainably sourced bark, wood and bamboo, this minibeast hotel is wildlife-friendly, natural and sourced sustainably.

Easy assembly: The affixed mounting bracket on the back of the structure simply attaches to a nail or hook in a tree or post – no tools required! Alternatively, the hotel can be free-standing.

The ultimate variety of insects: Attract a vast range of bugs and insects including harmless solitary bees, butterflies, ladybirds and many more garden creatures.


Material: Cedar/ Bamboo/ Bark

Size: W29.5cm x D9cm x H29cm

Colour: Brown 

Why Buy a Bug Hotel?

Just like most living creatures, insects also need somewhere safe to live. A bug hotel is a sheltered purpose-built structure that provides a safe environment for bugs to live in. Having a minibeast hotel in your garden is a great way to look after wildlife and is also an entertaining way to view and investigate these creatures.

Bug hotels are particularly popular in schools as they offer children fantastic learning opportunities. It provides a great way for children to learn more about their natural environment and can even prevent insect-phobias developing.  

Bug hotels are a great learning source for all ages. They provide safe habitats for insects, are entertaining to view and create an appreciation for wildlife and living creatures. 

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