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Tawny Owl Box

Tawny Owl Box

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Tawny Owl Box

This Tawny Owl Box is constructed from exterior grade 12mm bonded plywood.
Please note: To offer a more environmentally friendly product, our Tawny Owl Boxes are no longer treated with resin. The colour of the product you will receive is significantly lighter than the one pictured.   Please see our A-Frame Owl Box for colour reference.
Hand made in our own workshops to RSPB specifications, it is designed to provide the perfect owl nesting box whilst also being resistant to the harshest of weather conditions. This Tawny Owl Box has a lockable inspection/cleaning hatch for easy access and a detachable perch.

Tawny Owl Facts

Tawny owls are the classic brown woodland owls about the size of a pigeon that make the characteristic owl hoot. They readily occupy large gardens with trees. They have a wide diet and will eat almost anything from worms to rabbits.

The tawny owl has a rounded body and head, with a ring of dark feathers around its face surrounding the dark eyes. It is mainly reddish brown above and paler underneath. It is a widespread breeding species in England, Wales and Scotland but not found in Ireland. Birds are mainly residents with established pairs probably never leaving their territories. Young birds disperse from breeding grounds in autumn. The tawny owl is nocturnal so it is often heard calling at night, but much less often seen. 

Tawny owl chicks start to explore their surroundings well before fledging, and so the box needs to have a perch and /or nearby branches they can climb on.

Tawny Owl Box Dimensions:

  • Weight: 9.2kg
  • Height: 1120mm (including back plate)
  • Width:  200mm 
  • Depth: 280mm
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