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The Birch Ladybird Tower

The Birch Ladybird Tower

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A high-quality responsibly sourced birch and cedar ladybird tower. This charming wildlife habitat will soon be a haven for these beautiful insects. 

The tower has a hollow central chamber to provide insulation and security for ladybirds. There are paths drilled through the log which provide access to the central chamber. The apex roof protects the central chamber.

The Ladybird Tower comes with a ground pole, fixed at the rear for transport. It allows the tower to be sited into lawns, sheltered flower beds, wooded glades, or even planters.

You can even rub ladybird feed on the tower for an extra special treat!


Sustainably Sourced: Made from responsibly sourced birch and cedar, the Birch Ladybird Tower is wildlife-friendly, natural and sourced sustainably.

Easy assembly: The ground pole easily slots into the bottom of the tower to be sited on lawns, flower beds, wooded glades and planters.

Ladybird Friendly: The hollow central chamber provides shelter for ladybirds, which is protected by the apex roof. 

Size: w14.5 x d10 x h24cm 

Fun Ladybird Facts 

Scientific name: Coccinellidae septempunctata (seven-pot ladybird)

Number of species: more than 5000
Classification: Insect
Lifespan (in wild): Around one year (two years maximum)
Body length: Up to 1cm
Top speed: 24km/h
Diet: Ladybirds feast on aphids and plant-eating pests – farmer’s love them!
Habitat: Grasslands, forests, cities, suburbs and along rivers.

The number of spots on a ladybird indicates what species it belongs to, not, as commonly believed, how old it is!

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