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Frog & Toad House - Frogilo

Frog & Toad House - Frogilo

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Frog & Toad House

This toad and frog house makes for an ideal addition to any garden pond or boggy area where you can provide a cool and shaded area. This frogilo house is made from frost resistant ceramic and has a green glazed tagine style roof. The front part of the frog house floor is cut away so that the frogs or toads have cool soil in summer and an insulated ceramic floor which will be used as an overwintering area for female frogs or toads during the cold weather. The toad & frog house can also be covered over with extra vegetation for additional insulation 

Frogilo Specifications:

H200 x W200 x D200mm
Weight: 2.0 Kg

Frogs & Toads Facts

Many people get confused about frogs and toads, so here are a few key differences:

Toads have dry warty skin and shorter legs than frogs
Toads crawl and frogs move in short jumps
Frogs have a more angular head and shape compared to toads
Only frogs have a dark patch behind their eye
Frogs lay their spawn in a clump, whilst toads lay a long string of spawn
Frogs are amphibians, which means that they spend part of their life in water and part on land. They have the ability to breathe through their skin as well as using their lungs.

Whether you see frogs and toads as fascinating amphibians or slimy creatures that you don't want to touch, they are highly beneficial residents of our gardens and munch their way through many slugs, snails, insects and other garden pests.
They live in a variety of damp habitats ranging from wood piles, stone piles, grassland, woodland and any other suitable hiding place that is moist.
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