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Schwegler Bird Boxes

Schwegler Nest Boxes are available for many different bird species from common garden birds right through to the popular Schwegler Swift boxes. In some cases there are variances of Schwegler bird box for the same species, this can be differing entrance hole apertures, bird box colours or even design of the nest box. 
All WoodcretePLUS™ nest boxes are built to last for at least 25 years against damage by weather, rot or natural predators. Wooden parts, such as House Martin backing boards, are guaranteed for 10 years against weather and rot only. If you cannot find what you are looking for please call us and we will be pleased to help or supply other schwegler nesting boxes that may not be advertised. 
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Treecreeper Box 2BN

This Treecreeper box has an open back reduced depth and greater height than the 2B, there is also no inspection hatch.
SKU: 143/6
  • £30.49

Starling Nest Box 3S

Schwegler Woodcrete. No Maintenance, durable and long lasting. Help Starlings by providing them with a home.
SKU: GN-162/7
  • £32.49

3SV Nest Box - 34mm

Schwegler Woodcrete. Durable and long lasting multi-species. Optional hole sizes 34, 45mm and Oval
SKU: 122/1
  • £33.95

Deep Open Fronted Nester 2HW

Schwegler Woodcrete. No maintenance nest box with additional nesting area is readily occupied even when hung in dark locations.
SKU: 157/3
  • £32.49

Deep Nest Box 1N

Several species of birds prefer to nest deep in recesses. This cleverly shaped box has two holes to let in light and protect the occupants
SKU: GN-158/0
  • £32.49

Brick Box Type 26

Open fronted bird nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls.
SKU: 730/8
  • £37.70

Brick Box 1HE

lightweight nest box for build-in or on external walls. Special narrow entrance to deter other species such as jays, magpies and martens.
SKU: 631/8
  • £46.95

Schwegler Kestrel Box No28

Schwegler Woodcrete nesting box, highly effective and weather resistant. Durable and long lasting Kestrel box.
SKU: 251/8
  • £124.95

Schwegler Barn Owl Nest Box No23

This Owl Box / Kestrel Box proves very popular if installed on the interior wall of places like old barns and church towers.
SKU: 00250/1
  • £154.94

Schwegler Owl Box No 4

Suitable for Little Owl, Woodpecker and Stock Dove. Schwegler Woodcrete. No Maintenance, durable and long lasting.
SKU: 171/9
  • £70.95

Little Owl Box No 20

Suitable for the Little Owl, manufactured by Schwegler, durable and long lasting woodcrete material. Install on a sturdy branch with entrance towards the tree
SKU: 240/2
  • £109.99

Little Owl Box No 20B with protection

This 20B little owl box is an alternative to the No 20, it additionally features protection against Martens and extra ventilation
SKU: 247/1
  • £124.99
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