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Multi Species Bird Box x3 Pack

Multi Species Bird Box x3 Pack

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Garden Bird Boxes x3 Multi Pack

These high quality garden bird nesting boxes have been built to last. Hand crafted in our own workshops from (PEFC certified) Western Red Cedar they will prove to be very durable and resistant to UK weather conditions. This multi-species bird box pack has a 32mm entrance hole, it has been designed to attract a wide range of garden birds and can also be used as an open fronted nesting box with the centre panel removed.  When fixed side by side these 3x nesting boxes create a Sparrow Terrace.

Garden Nest Box may attract:

  • Blue Tits:  Position at a height of 2 - 4 metres facing N - N Easterly with a clear flight path, house wall, trees etc.
  • Coal Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Great Tits
  • Tree sparrows
  • House Sparrows:  x3+ nest boxes side-by-side or spaced on one side of the house, 4 - 5 metres high up under eaves (away from house martin nests)
  • Robins (front hole panel removed)  Place lower down circa 1 metre, ideally sheltered by foliage
  • Wrens (front hole panel removed)
  • Pied wagtails (front hole panel removed)

When it comes to cleaning out old bird nests the lower front panel can easily be removed by undoing three screws. To further assist in waterproofing we have routed the roof of the nest box into the back panel, it then slopes forwards into an overhang helping to shelter and prevent water from entering the nest box hole. The nesting chamber has two drainage holes in the rear corners of the floor.

Cedar has its own natural oils, but you still have the option to treat it (on the outside only) with a water based preservative or paint to match into your fence or garden colour scheme. This will of course help to prolong the life of the bird box for even more years to come. 

Garden Bird Nesting Box (3 pack) dimensions:

  • Exterior 290 x W140 x D 180mm Each
  • Weight: 1.10kg Each

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