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Cambridge Swift Nesting Block

Cambridge Swift Nesting Block

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Vivara Pro Cambridge Maxi Swift Block

This woodstone Cambridge swift nest block is designed to be built into an external wall, a bricked front can be used with the swift entrance hole being built to approx 30 x 65 mm in the fascia.
We optionally provide Red or Buff coloured standard size facing bricks pre-formed with the correct size swift entrance hole, these are available at additional cost on the next page when you click the BUY button above.

This is a 'fit & forget' nest box ideal for including in new buildings or renovations in the hard to access sites that Swifts prefer, such as under the eaves. The Cambridge swift box offers the occupants protection from predators and insulation from extreme temperatures. The Cambridge Swift Maxi block is easy to fit as it sits on the inner walls and is a standard UK block width of 440mm.

As this block is designed to go in the gable end (high up) it will normally be against a cold space, so insulation is not necessary. We suggest using a DPC or waterproof sealant around the maxi block to avoid any possible water ingress. Preferably install the built in Swift block into the gable end on the north or east side of the building 3 courses down from the top, this provides an ideal height for the swift block and is an area where there will be little disturbance from humans.

Swifts likes to breed in colonies, therefore it is advisable to build in several building blocks together. The distance between the mounting the blocks must be at least 400mm. No nesting material needs to be added.

Manufactured from a concrete and wood fibre mix this swift box will not rot or deteriorate.Trying to avoid a southerly facing position, fix your swift box at least 5 metres above the ground ensuring there is an unobstructed flight path for birds entering and leaving the box.

Cambridge maxi Swift block Specifications:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimensions: 215 x 440 x 250 mm
  • Material: Woodstone
  • 4 nesting pans (anyway up)
  • Weight: 11.0kg

Cambridge Swift full face brick: Optional at additional cost

  • Dimensions: 215 x 650 x 105 mm
  • Colour options: Red or Buff
  • Entrance hole: 65 x 30 mm

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