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Swallow Nesting Bowl

Swallow Nesting Bowl

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Swallow Nesting Bowl - Ceramic

This Swallow Nest Bowl has been manufactured from grey unglazed ceramic to look and feel like a natural swallow nest cup that would usually be built in and around buildings, barns or sheds etc. Robust enough to last for years this swallow nester has a drainage hole in the base of the bowl, is secured by two screws through the responsibly sourced wooden back panel and requires no maintenance. 

Summer swallows are a delightful feature of our countryside and fields where they can be seen hunting their insect prey whilst on the wing. Swallows like to build their nests in and around barns, garages, stables and outbuildings. You may help these quintessentially English summer migrants by putting up these ready-made swallow bowls to maximise their breeding potential near their hunting grounds.

Positioning Your Swallow Nester Bowl

The swallow nest bowl should ideally be positioned high up inside an outbuilding with easy access to the outdoors, using the pre-drilled holes in the wooden back plate. Once installed, it should be maintenance free and you can look forward looking up to see the gaping mouths of the young as they wait for returning adults.

Summer Swallow Nest Bowl Dimensions:

Height:  130 mm
Width:    210mm
Length: 120 mm
Weight:  0.65 kg


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