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Insect Boxes, Insect Habitats 

Insect Habitats, Insect hotels, Ladybird and Lacewing boxes. Beneficial insects are the gardeners friends, these products are very useful for control of garden pests but can also be very educational and fun to use. 
From small domestic gardens to large conservation projects we have insect habitats to suit most requirements If you can't find what you want then please call us for a bespoke build and design. 
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Butterfly Barn

Designed to feed and attract Butterflies, Moths and Lacewings to pollinate your garden. Educational and fun to watch for any age group
  • £14.99

Bee Barn

Designed to attract Solitary Bees and other pollinators to take shelter in your garden. Fun and educational for all age groups to enjoy.
  • £14.99

Friendly Bug Barn

Educational and fun, this multi species bug house may attract ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees and possibly over-wintering butterflies too.
  • £14.49

LadyBird Insect Lodge

This ladybird house offers a safe retreat for overwintering ladybirds, lacewings and invertebrates, the drilled base attracts solitary bees.
  • £16.99

Ladybird Tower

The slow seasoned trunk has a hollowed central chamber for ladybirds to shelter, filled with straw to provide insulation and security.
  • £11.99

Illuminated Minibeast Centre - NT

This National Trust solar Illuminated insect box is great for collecting and studying insects. Rope handle for carrying, or just hang it in the garden.
  • RRP £23.49
  • Our Price £19.49
  • SAVE £4

Childrens Bug Box

Mini Bug box for study and fun! Can be hung from trees and pergolas, near ponds or scented plants. Includes: Project book, Magnify glass and Instructions.
  • RRP £12.99
  • Our Price £11.99
  • SAVE £1

Insect Block - Woodstone

This very durable Insect habitat block will attract wild bees, ladybirds and lacewings. Insects are good for your garden, they feed on caterpillars, aphids, mites and spiders.
SKU: CJ-920560119
  • £26.99

Insect Tower

Observe all varieties of Insects, Ladybirds, Lacewings, Butterflies and Mason Bees that may visit and take refuge in this insect nesting tower.
SKU: CJ-920630120
  • £27.95

Bird Bee & Bug Hotel

Educational and interactive, this x4 chamber bird, bee and insect conservation study centre makes a great addition to any wildlife friendly garden
  • RRP £79.99
  • Our Price £66.99
  • SAVE £13

Schwegler Clay & Reed Insect Aid

Woodcrete Insect House with hanging bracket. Maintenance free, very durable nest for all kinds of harmless insects.
SKU: 377/5
  • £47.99

Butterfly Food

A formulated blend of food with essential vitamins suitable for wild butterflies, moths and bred butterflies.
  • £4.10

SeedBall - Butterfly Mix

A heavenly selection of native wildflower seeds for butterflies. Using only wildflower species recommended by Butterfly Conservation, early and late summer plants
  • £5.95

Corsica Insect Lodge

Attractive and functional, this insect lodge makes the ideal hostel for small insects and vertebrates. Great for conservation projects or for your garden. Height 129cm x Width 79cm
SKU: CJ-921070120
  • £189.95

Education CrittaCabin

Educational Triangle CrittaCabin. Designed for schools and conservational sites. Study Beneficial Insects, Pollinators, Mini Mammals and more..
  • RRP £409.99
  • Our Price £329.99
  • SAVE £80

Insect Hotel

A very impressive product for conservation projects, houses large numbers of small insects and vertebrates. Height 2.5 meters x Width 1.0m
SKU: CJ-920390120
  • £499.95