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Childrens Bug Box

Childrens Bug Box

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Bobby's Bug Box

Designed for children over 3 years old, this Mini Bug Box incorporates a small dual chamber insect habitat which can be hung from trees, pergolas, hanging brackets,  near ponds or scented plants using the fixing loop.
Bobby's bug box has both canes and drilled holes to provide homes for more different sorts of bugs such as ladybirds and other beneficial insects and pollinators. It is made from solid timber from carefully managed forests.

The Children's Bug Box is an over-wintering habitat for insects like Ladybirds which are natural aphid predators,and also provides a home for gentle solitary bees who are wonderful garden pollinators as well as other beneficial insects.

Bobby's Bug Box is supplied in a gift box with an activity book all about bugs and makes an ideal present for children


  • Height between ground level and 2m
  • Sheltered warm position
  • Preferably to catch some morning sun

Bug Box Dimensions:

H100 x W160 x L70mm
Weight 0.4kg

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