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Owl box no23 |
Schwegler Barn Owl Box|
Owl box no23 |
Schwegler Barn Owl Box|

Schwegler Owl box No 23

This schwegler Owl Nest Box or Kestrel Box, has proven to be very successful when installed on the interior wall of places like old barns and church towers where a small opening is available on the outside of the building to serve as the entrance to this large nesting box. Barn Owls and Kestrels seem to prefer cultivated areas and always tend to live and breed in proximity of humans.

Schwegler Barn Owl Box No23 Specification

  • Large inspection hatch at the back of the box
  • Occupants primarily Barn Owl but also Kestrel
  • Made from water resistant chipboard
  • External Dimensions: H50 x W100 x D50cm
  • Entrance hole: 14 x 19cm
  • Weight 26Kg

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