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Bushnell H150L Head torch
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Bushnell H150L Head torch
headtorches | gardenature.co.uk

Bushnell Head Torch 

The Bushnell Rubicon H150L T.I.R. Optic Head torch is a very versatile head lamp that uses high-quality Cree LEDs and offers a range of lighting formats so that you can use the one that best suits your needs in any situation.
The boost feature, for example, enables you to deploy a temporary increase of illumination from 173 lumens to 209 lumens.
The other light modes available with this impressive unit consist of high- and low-power spot, high- and low-power flood and a red halo mode that increases your vision without compromising your natural night vision.
The batteries are held in a rear-mounted case that helps balance the weight of the Bushnell Rubicon H150L T.I.R. Optic Headlamp as a whole while the regulated circuit enables you to get the most out of the batteries right through to the end of their useable life.

Rubicon Head Torch Features

  • Light source: Top-quality Cree LEDs 
  • Light output: Up to 173 lumens permanent; 209 lumens on temporary boost 
  • Light modes: Boost, high spot high, low spot, high flood, low flood, red halo 
  • Beam distance: 74 m 
  • Multi-level light easily adapts to changing conditions 
  • Dual output: Spot for long range, flood for wide proximity lighting 
  • Red halo low-lumen mode enhances sight without compromising natural night vision 
  • Rear-mounted external battery case for extra-long run time 
  • Battery-saving lock-out prevents accidental power on 
  • Regulated circuit delivers consistent brightness throughout useable life of batteries 
  • Water resistance: IPX4 
  • Impact resistance: 1 m 
  • Weight inc batteries: 6 oz 
  • Power source: 3 x AA batteries