Bat Boxes, Bat Habitats

Here we offer you a variety of bat boxes to suit most applications. From single bat boxes to build-in bat tubes, bat access panels for preservation of existing bat nesting sites and large bat roosts for bat conservation projects. Please note that some of the larger woodcrete bat boxes will need to be delivered on a pallet due to their size and weight.
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Bat Box - Single

A very popular and durable single Bat Box that can be hung on walls and trees. Handmade from PEFC Cedar
  • £16.35

Bat Box - Triple Pack

A very popular Bat Box triple pack that can be hung on walls and trees. Handmade from PEFC Cedar
  • £47.99

Cardinal Bat Box

The Cardinal Bat Box incorporates three separate chambers with laddered entrance holes to each direction. Hang several bat boxes back-to-back on posts and trees, or you can place along a wall.
  • £48.99

Vincent Bat Box

Manufactured from durable FSC timber and a recycled plastic bat chamber top. Bat box designed and proven by Vincent Wildlife Trust
  • RRP £86.99
  • Offer Price £64.99
  • SAVE £22

National Trust Bat Box

Manufactured from FSC timber with rough sawn internal landing and tapered ladder grooves. Low maintenance
  • £23.99

Conservation Bat Box

The Conservation Bat Box for multi species has an angled cut-away front with ladder style grooves and two vertical chambers for the bats to choose between.
  • RRP £61.99
  • Offer Price £46.99
  • SAVE £15

Double Chamber Bat Box

Manufactured from durable FSC timber, this attractive design with inspection door and swing down base serves as a great bat roost.
  • £23.99

Chambord Wooden Bat Box

This decorative wooden bat box comprises of one roosting chamber and has a rough sawn ladder access which will attract a wide range of bat species.
SKU: CJ-914700119
  • £24.95

Almodovar Bat Box

A good size traditional bat box (425 x 570mm) with two internal sections. Built to accommodate large numbers of pipistrelle or brown long eared bats
SKU: CJ-914730119
  • £44.99

Harlech Woodstone Bat Box

Woodcrete Bat Box that provides good insulation and minimal condensation, ideal for roosting bats. We recommend purchasing a minimum of 2 - 3 and facing in different directions.
SKU: CJ-914470119
  • £19.99

Chillon Woodstone Bat Box

This crevice bat box will look elegant on any house wall or large tree. Featuring a wooden landing ramp, a textured interior and inspection hatch, this bat box can accommodate up to 15 pipistrelle bats
SKU: CJ-914680119
  • £29.99

Miramare Woodstone Bat Box

Specifically designed to reproduce a natural hollow tree bat roost site with 4 integral bat roosting chambers to accommodate large numbers of bats
SKU: CJ-914490119
  • £79.99
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