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Vincent Bat Box

Vincent Bat Box

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Vincent Pro Bat Box

This bat box house has been manufactured to a tried and tested design by the Vincent Wildlife Trust.

The Vincent Wildlife Trust has been pioneering mammal conservation for many years and manages priority bat roosts which are of international significance for delivering conservation education and monitoring of bats.
A highly effective bat box which has been proven through usage of at least 7 different bat species: Barbastelle, Leisler’s, Common pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Brown long-eared, Natterer’s and Whiskered (confirmed) and possibly Brandt’s.

  • Comparative trials proved excellent performance and bat occupancy rates
  • This bat habitat has 3 vertical chambers of varying sizes for attracting different species of bat
  • Rough landing surface with bat access ladder
  • Reduced cleaning requirements, bat droppings fall to the ground
  • Dark roof / front elevation to absorb heat. Please note that wood joints may move / expand with heat and dry/wet weather conditions, this is quite normal 
  • Responsibly sourced timber with recycled plastic chamber top

Bat box siting

Site 2.5 - 5m high on a building, mature trees or vegetation line (trees/tall hedge), or feeding/flight route in partial daytime sun. Face box preferably South to SE, or N (cool). Ideally fit multiple boxes at a time for best results

Vincent Pro Bat Box dimensions:

Height: 720mm
Width:  180mm
Depth : 235mm

Weight: 4.1kg

It is illegal to disturb any bat when it is roosting, or to handle a bat without a licence
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