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Conservation Bat Box

Conservation Bat Box

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Conservation Bat Box

This Conservation Bat Box is designed for multi species of bat occupancy, it has an angled cut-away front with ladder style grooves and two vertical chambers for the bats to choose from. The bat chambers can be accessed for inspection by licensed bat handlers via the hinged roof which is secured by a removable screw (see images). The open design of this bat box reduces the need to clean, the rear panel has a recycled plastic hanger and a pre-drilled hole at the base of the bat box ladder for ease of installation.

Bat Box siting

Site 2.5 - 5m high on a building, mature trees or vegetation line (trees/tall hedge), or feeding/flight route in partial daytime sun. Face box preferably to get partial warmth from the sun South to SE, or N (cool). Ideally fit multiple boxes at a time for best results

Conservation Bat Box dimensions:

H450 x W330 x L140mm
Weight: 2.40kg

It is illegal to disturb any bat when it is roosting, or to handle a bat without a licence. However, you can monitor your bat box by looking for mouse-sized droppings beneath the bat box as a clue to occupation or observe from a distance at dusk to see if bats are exiting the box to hunt.
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