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axis M7011|
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Axis Network Video Server M7011 

Axis M7011 is a highly compact single channel network video encoder with on-board storage to MicroSD card, H.264, PoE, intelligent video including motion detection and Axis Active tampering alarm, dual codec up to 30 fps, PoE and included mounting bracket.

The cost-effective single channel Axis M7011 network video encoder enables an analogue CCTV camera to be integrated into an IP video system, reducing costs by using existing infrastructure and enabling remote access to the camera. Highly compact, this unit delivers high performance in a small package, without any limitation of the number of streams that can be individually configured. Powered using PoE, the M7011 connects the network and receives power through a single cable, simplifying installation and lowering costs.

The Axis M7011 provides powerful event management, incorporating video motion detection and Axis Active tampering alarm to alert users to activity and potential vandalism. Footage can be stored to a local MicroSD card, providing decentralised data backup (MicroSD card not included). Users can compress files using either H.264 or Motion JPEG and the unit is capable of recording up to 30 frames per second.

The Axis M7011 is supplied with Axis Camera Companion software and a mounting bracket.

Axis M7011 Features

  •     Enables an existing analogue-based camera to be available on a local or wide area network, or on the Internet
  •     Cost-effective way to upgrade security system as it uses existing infrastructure
  •     Highly compact form factor
  •     On-board recording to MicroSD card provides data backup
  •     Motion detection and Axis Active tampering alarm delivers accurate security monitoring, alerting users to activity and vandalism attempt
  •     Unlimited number of individually configurable streams
  •     Cost-effective to install using PoE
  •     Included mounting bracket
  •     Supplied with Axis Camera Companion software
  •     Axis Camera Companion mobile app enables handy remote access to video footage

Typical Applications for Axis M7011
The Axis M7011 network video encoder is ideal for security systems that require remote access to an analogue CCTV system. Typical applications include Wildlife Cameras, Garden Cameras, Nest Box Cameras. General camera use around homes, offices, retail stores and restaurants.

Accessories Included with Axis M7011

  •     Axis Camera Companion software
  •     Mounting bracket
  •     Installation guide
  •     Windows decoder user license