Where is The Best Place to Put a Nest Box?

Where is The Best Place to Put a Nest Box?

Putting up a nest box is a great way to provide shelter and breeding sites for birds in your garden. Nest boxes can provide a safe haven for birds to nest, roost and raise their young, and are an excellent way to encourage biodiversity in your garden or outdoor space.

However, where you place your nest box can have a significant impact on its success. Here's what you need to know about the best places to put a nest box for different UK garden birds:

Nest Boxes for Blue Tits

Blue tits are one of the most common garden birds in the UK, and they prefer nest boxes that are mounted on a tree trunk or a wall. They like their nests to be high up (2-4m off the ground) and sheltered from the wind and rain. If you're putting up a nest box for blue tits, make sure it's not in direct sunlight, as this can overheat the box.

Nest Boxes for Robins

Robins are another common garden bird that often builds their nests in hidden crevices or corners. They like to have plenty of coverage from shrubs and bushes, and their nests can be built as low as ground level. If you're putting up a nest box for robins, make sure it's hidden in dense vegetation and not too high up. All our nest boxes feature a removable front panel to accommodate birds such as robins. 

Nest Boxes for Sparrows

Sparrows are social birds that prefer to nest in colonies. If you want to attract sparrows to your garden, it's a good idea to put up several nest boxes in a row. They prefer to have their nests situated at least 2-3m off the ground, and they often build their nests in the eaves of buildings or under the roofs of sheds.

Nest Boxes for Great Tits

Great tits prefer to nest in holes in trees, and they often use nest boxes that have a hole entrance of around 25mm. They like to have their nests situated high up, and they prefer boxes that are sheltered from strong winds and direct sunlight. If you're putting up a nest box for great tits, make sure it's mounted on a tree or wall, and that the entrance hole is facing away from prevailing winds.

By understanding the best places to put a nest box for different UK garden birds, you can help support their population growth and provide them with a home. Remember to clean your nest boxes at the end of the breeding season to ensure they remain a healthy and safe environment for your feathered friends.

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