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Natural Log Robin Nester

Natural Log Robin Nester

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Natural Log Nester

This attractive Silver Birch Log Nest Box with open front has been manufactured to provide a natural nesting site suitable for use by Robins, Wrens, Pied Wagtails or Spotted Flycatchers. The thick log serves as a good insulation for keeping nesting birds warm.

The natural appearance of this log nester box will compliment any garden. Constructed from durable sustainably sourced timber, the log nester requires no maintenance. Please note that the log nest box may crack under the bark but this is totally natural and will continue to make a great nesting box for years to come. To clean or inspect, remove two screws and simply open the lid.

Log Nester Positioning

Locate the bird box 1.5 - 2m high on a tree, wall or fence. Ideally you should face the open Log nestbox somewhere between N and SE. For Robins and Wrens site within shrubs to provide plant cover.

Log Nestbox Dimensions: 

Height: 220 mm
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 210 mm
Weight: 2.70 kg

Please note that due to the nature of this product it may expand or shrink over time and cracks or peeling of the bark may occur. 

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