Nest Box for Robins

Robins are known to be one the the most friendly birds, trusting and intuitive when searching for food and quite often looking over your shoulder when tending to the garden. Robins are one of the first birds to start the dawn chorus and one of the last to stop singing at night.
Most British robins are sedentary, defending their territories year-round, with many females also establishing their own winter territories.
However, a handful head south to winter on the Continent, joining other robins passing through in the autumn on their way from Scandinavia and northern continental Europe. Interestingly, it has been shown that many migrating robins are faithful to both their summer and winter territories, which may be many hundreds of miles apart. 

Robins are prolific breeders, often producing between three and five broods a year, each containing four or five eggs. If the weather is mild, they can breed as early as January, though it is more usual for them to start in March. Broods can overlap with the male Robin feeding the chicks of one clutch while the female Robin sits on the eggs of the next. This enables the population to bounce back readily from any overwinter population losses.
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Multi Species Bird Box

Handmade from Western Red Cedar. Removable centre panel for open fronted nesters, attract the widest range of garden birds.
SKU: NB-06
  • £21.99

Multi Species Bird Box x3 Pack

x3 Pack for use as a Sparrow Terrace, or Individual multi species Bird Boxes. Optional removable centre panel for open fronted nesters.
SKU: NB-06x3
  • RRP £65.97
  • £62.97

Robin Nester Pocket

Natural style Robin Nester that can be concealed in places that Robins love to secretly nest. Also suitable for Wagtails & Spotted Flycatchers
  • RRP £9.99
  • Our Price £7.99
  • SAVE £2

The Robin Box

Available in Cedar or Pine. This robin nest box is perfect for positioning in a hedge, on a post, house wall or fence. Best placed in foliage less than 2 meters off the ground.
  • £9.49

Natural Log Robin Nester

Silver birch Log nest, suitable for Robins, Wrens,Pied wagtails or Spotted Flycatchers. Maintenance free
  • £14.29

Cedarplus Robin Nest Box

Manufactured from long-lasting cedar sourced from managed forests. 75mm entrance hole for Robins.
  • £23.95

Flat Roof Bird Box

Suitable for use with a colour nest box camera. Features a roof window, camera bracket, cable tray and cable clip. Optional open front.
SKU: NB-03
  • £39.95

Pitched Roof Bird Box

Suitable for use with a colour nest box camera. Features a slide out camera drawer, fitted camera bracket, side windows and cable clip
SKU: NB-02
  • £38.95

Build-in Open Nest Box

Open fronted nesting box for Robins, Wrens, Pied Wagtails and Black Redstarts. Build into your house or garden wall. Wood and concrete mix provides good insulation, is predator proof and has a 10 year guarantee
SKU: CJ-907450120
  • £23.99

Brick Box Type 26

Open fronted bird nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls.
SKU: 730/0
  • £41.55

2H Open Fronted Robin Box

Schwegler Woodcrete. No Maintenance, durable and long lasting. Ideal for attracting Robins and Wrens year after year.
SKU: 152/8
  • £26.75

Deep Open Fronted Nester 2HW

Schwegler Woodcrete. No maintenance nest box with additional nesting area is readily occupied even when hung in dark locations.
SKU: 157/5
  • £36.75