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Sunshine & Flowers Glass Bird Bath

Sunshine & Flowers Glass Bird Bath

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Attract a range of garden birds with this beautiful decorative hanging glass bird bath. It features a bright and cheerful summer sunflower design, and simply hangs from a hook in a suitable garden location.


Easy assembly: The hanging hook is already included, and simply attaches to a nail or branch, straight out the box! The baths are extremely easy to clean, too. 

Weather-resistant design: The decorative glass bowl is weather-resistant and durable. These decorative bird baths are a wonderful addition to any garden. 

Multi-use: The glass bowl is suitable for holding either bird food or water. 


Size: W21cm x D21cm x H8cm

Material: Glass 

Colour: Multi 

Why buy a bird bath?

Besides being an attractive addition to your garden, bird baths are a vital source of water for a range of birds to drink from and bathe in. They are particularly useful in extreme weather conditions, where water might be scarce in summer or frozen in winter. 

Birds get the liquid they require both from eating and drinking. Many insect-eating birds get most of their water from food, while seed-eating birds have a dry diet, and they need to drink more. Birds do not have sweat glands, so need less water than mammals, however, they still lose water through respiration and in their droppings. 

Water to bath in is equally important. It is essential that birds keep their feathers in good condition, and bathing is an important part of feather maintenance. Dampening the feathers loosens the dirt and makes the feathers easier to preen.

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