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Universal Barn Owl Nest Box

Universal Barn Owl Nest Box

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Barn Owl Box or Kestrel Box. Internal / External use

Large heavy duty nesting box for birds of prey. 

This very sturdy nesting box was designed by gardenature to accommodate large birds which nest inside old buildings, barns, towers and many other places that commonly become a natural nesting site for birds of prey, typically barn owls and kestrels. Our unique design offers optional fixings both on the front and back panels essentially allowing this weather resistant owl box to be adaptable for use inside or outside.

Internal Barn Owl Box use

When used inside, this Barn Owl nesting box can be fitted into a loft space or wall mounted position where the owl / kestrel entrance hole faces out into the open area space for a direct and easy flight path. Alternatively, as with a lot of old barns and buildings, the bird of prey gains entrance through a crevice or small opening in the outside wall to nest inside the building. For this purpose our universal fixing allows the owl nesting box to be fitted on the inside of the external wall but with the entrance hole facing into the crevice or opening, thus providing a direct and comfortable nesting space for the owl or kestrel

External Barn Owl Box use

This nesting box for owls and kestrels can also be used externally, it is manufactured from a durable marine ply but you can optionally coat it with a water based preservative for added longevity.
The owl box has a hinged inspection hatch at one end and a roof that will slide partially or fully off along the routed guides. The roof of this bird of prey nesting box also slopes down to one side by 5 mm which offers a natural run for rain water, the roof also has a 10 mm overhang each end.
The entrance to the owl nest box has a short internal corridor to the nesting chamber to further protect and provide a safe and sheltered accommodation. The large nesting chamber floor has x 6 drain holes.
Once in position the floor of the owl nest box should be lined with about 2" (5 cm) of small wood chippings or similar.   

Universal Barn Owl Box Features:

  • Material: High quality 12mm marine ply. Heavy duty.
  • For internal or external use
  • 8 x Keyhole fixing points offering optional front or back facing positioning
  • Keyholes can be used to hoist into position
  • Can be positioned facing into (and on) an internal wall where an external wall opening or crevice aligns with the box entrance, allowing the Owl or Kestrel access from outside.
  • Can optionally be hung on a wall facing out, or facing in, according to requirement.
  • Inspection Hatch to side of owl nesting chamber, 200 x 200 mm, hinges and latch bolt
  • Roof can be fully or partially removed, slide to left or right (optional screw fixings also supplied)
  • Flat roof overhang and 5 mm incline to allow for quick rain water drainage
  • Floor drain holes x 6
  • External Dimensions: L 950 x W 450 x H 450 mm / H 510 mm incl front back fixings. 
  • Entrance Hole: H 190 x W 140 mm
  • Weight: 22.1 kg

This Universal Bird of Prey nesting box is also available from us with a camera system installed.

Large Owl Box Shipping Notes

Due to its size this product may be delivered on a pallet, if the delivery cost has to vary we will contact you.

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