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Little Owl Box

Little Owl Box

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Little Owl Nest Box - only

This Little Owl Box is constructed from exterior grade 12mm bonded plywood.
Please note: To offer a more environmentally friendly product, our Little Owl Nest Boxes are no longer treated with resin. The colour of the product you will receive is significantly lighter than the one pictured.   Please see our A-Frame Owl Box for colour reference.
Handmade in our own workshops to RSPB specifications, it is designed to provide an attractive nesting site and includes a hinged roof for quick inspection/maintenance, vented floor and a back plate for easy installation.

Little Owl Nesting

Little Owls do not build their own nests. They depend on the availability of a pre-existing cavity for breeding and usually breed in tree hollows, farm buildings and nest boxes. Egg laying usually starts from mid April, but can be as late as early May, and the average clutch size is 3 - 4 eggs per breeding attempt. Eggs are laid on alternate days and full incubation begins after the last egg has been laid. The female incubates her eggs for up to 31 days and the nestlings are brooded for 28 days before branching, which is when they first leave their nest site. The parents continue to feed and teach their fledglings to fend for themselves until late summer, which is when they leave their parent’s territory to find their own. They are able to breed in the following spring.

Tawny Owl Box Dimensions:


  • Weight: 4.10kg
  • Height: 460mm (excluding back plate)
  • Width:  200mm 
  • Depth: 200mm

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