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House Sparrow Terrace

House Sparrow Terrace

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House Sparrow Terrace

This high quality sparrow nesting box will prove very durable and resistant to UK weather conditions. Hand crafted in our own workshops from high grade 12mm resin bonded ply with each panel having been screwed together.  We  have designed the fixings to each side of the box with x4 optional screw through guides or a keyhole fixture for lift on/off, really handy if you intend to place the box high up under eaves for instance. The roof of the sparrow house slopes forward to quickly disperse rain water down and off the overhang. This triple sparrow terrace incorporates 3 separate nesting chambers each having a 32mm entrance hole, an internal perch and drainage aeration in the base. The front panel can easily be removed for inspection and cleaning of the multi sparrow nests by undoing the holding screws.

Marine ply is water resistant but you still have the option to treat it (on the outside only) with a water based preservative or paint to match your house, fence or garden colour scheme. This will of course help to prolong the life of the sparrow nesting box for even more years to come. 

Sparrow Nesting Box dimensions:

  • L 446 x H 244 x D 190mm (including back panel and roof overhang).
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

Sparrow Facts:

House sparrows usually nest in loose colonies and since they don't defend a proper territory, nests can be quite close together and they will readily use nest boxes. Free-standing nests are also frequently built, in creepers against walls and in thick hedges or conifers.

Pairs often remain faithful to their nest site and to each other for life, although a lost mate of either sex is normally replaced within days. A hole is filled with dry grass or straw with a nesting chamber lined with feathers, hairs, string and paper. Feathers may be plucked from a live pigeon!

The main nesting season is from April to August, although nesting has been recorded in all months. Most birds lay two or three clutches, but in a good year fourth attempts are not uncommon.

The female lays two to five eggs at daily intervals and often starts to incubate part way through egg-laying. Both sexes incubate, and the chicks hatch after 11-14 days. The parents share nesting duties equally. Chicks are brooded for 6-8 days, but can control their own body temperature only when 10 or 11 days old.

The young sparrows fledge 14-16 days after hatching. They are unable to feed themselves for about a week after leaving the nest and are cared for by their parents for around a fortnight. Post-fledging care is frequently left to the male as the hen prepares for the next brood. She can begin laying her next clutch of eggs within days of the previous brood leaving the nest.

Source: RSPB
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