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House Martin Bowl

House Martin Bowl

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House Martin Nesting Bowl - Ceramic

This house martin bowl has been manufactured to look and feel like a real mud house martin nest cup that would usually be built high up into the eaves of a building, barns or sheds etc. Robust enough to last for years this house martin nester has a drainage hole in the base of the bowl, is secured by two screws through the wooden back panel and requires no maintenance. 

House martins are colonial nesters usually creating multiple nesting cups built from mud, grass and other vegetation. House martins feed on flying insects, they typically breed from May to September months laying 4- 5 white eggs, incubation is 2 - 3 weeks with the house martin chicks fledging after about 3 - 4 weeks. It is not uncommon for housemartins to have a second brood with the fledglings returning and helping to feed the second brood! House martins will usually return to the same area or nest that they originally fledged from year after year.

Positioning Your House Martin Nester

Locate the housemartin bowl high up on a building so it is tight under the eaves or gutter. Ideally the house martin nest cup should face between N and E.

House Martin Nest Bowl Dimensions:

Height:  130 mm
Width:    210mm
Length: 120 mm
Weight:  0.65 kg

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