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Duck Nesting Box

Duck Nesting Box

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Duck Nesting Box

A multi-purpose box which is suitable for larger waterbirds, call-ducks, large ornamental waterfowl, pochards and shelducks

A bit different from the rest of our nest boxes for wild birds, this duck nesting box is often used for ornamental duck collections, but also functions equally well as a safe duck house for wild mallards. This wooden duck house can be used as a multi-purpose duck nesting box, it is subdivided inside with a roomy nesting area, accessible via the entrance porch. The hinged lid can be raised from the side to give easy access to the whole of the interior for inspection and cleaning out of the duck nesting area. There is a good overhang all the way round the lid of the duck box and it has ground clearance bearers that the duck box sits on to keep it clear of the ground for better weathering and rot resistance. There are five aeration holes in the floor base.

This duck nesting box has been constructed from precision cut external grade 12 mm plywood which has been treated with an environmentally friendly preservative to make a long lasting dry and comfortable duck house. 

Also see our nesting box camera kits so you can observe the duck nesting from the comfort of your armchair!

Duck House specifications:


  • Material: Exterior Grade 12mm Plywood
  • Handmade construction: all panels are screwed together and it has two roof hinges
  • Finish: double coated with a non-toxic water based stain and preservative
  • External dimensions: H340mm (max) x W450mm (not including roof) x D300mm
  • Internal dimensions: H285mm (max) x W426mm x D276mm. Nesting Area: 260 x 276mm
  • Weight: 6.1kg
  • Fixing: None, rests on ground  


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