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Ceramic Bird Bath

Ceramic Bird Bath

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Echoes Bird Bath

Manufactured from frost-resistant glazed terracotta, this Bird Bath has a subtle green mottled colour. The Bird Bath features a ripple step design that is both visually attractive and functional by providing extra footing/grip for wild birds.

Around the contrasting unglazed rim is imprinted a quote by the poet William Blake "To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour".

The bird bath comes complete with x3 glazed mounting feet for free standing on a flat surface. This bird bath is also available with a Pedestal.

Bird Bath Dimensions:

Bowl H 55 x Dia 340mm Weight 2.8kg

Why have a Bird Bath in your garden?

Birds need water for drinking and for bathing. They need water to keep their feathers in good condition to serve as insulation for those cold winter nights. Seed eaters need to drink plenty of water as their diet is so dry. Other birds, such as blue tits may drink more in the winter because their diet of dry nuts does not provide them with as much water as their summer fare of juicy caterpillars. 
Bird Baths can be a shallow dish or tray, or a larger container such as an inverted dustbin lid, all suitable for putting water in. You could make a more permanent water hole by digging a shallow scrape in a flower bed and lining with with plastic held down with stones. Ideally, a pond will provide water for drinking and bathing all year round and will attract all kinds of wildlife to your garden.
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