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Camera Ready Bird Feeder Viewcam Housing

Camera Ready Bird Feeder Viewcam Housing

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Feeder ViewCam Housing 

If you already have one of our nestbox camera systems, purchase this Bird Feeder Housing and get all year round use of the camera kit by watching feeding birds right up-close!

When the nesting season is over, take down your existing bird box and put this feeder cam housing in its place. No need to move or change your existing wiring.

Just loosen the four screws and slide the perspex cover of the Bird Feeder Cam housing up and off to reveal the quick release camera bracket. Slide your camera into the camera bracket, put the cover back on and hang your seed/nut feeder on the hook. You can re-focus the camera by gently turning the lens left or right to get really sharp images. You can hang any type of feeder (recommended max feeder length up to 450mm) on the mounting hook to get really close up views of birds feeding.

Alternatively you can stake the viewcam in front of a bird bath or at ground level, view feeding birds and other creatures that visit your garden.

Images for illustration only: Viewcam housing does not include a camera or a bird feeder.

Manufactured from PEFC Cedar

Dimensions: H 240 x W120 x L260mm

Weight: 540g

If you would like this product with a camera installed please search "bird Feeder ViewCam"

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