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Butterfly Food

Butterfly Food

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Butterfly Nectar Food 

This butterfly attractant is based on a natural plant extract formulation. It may be used with a butterfly box or to attract butterflies to a feeding area. This butterfly food mixture comes in powder form to be mixed with water. It is suitable for wild butterflies, moths or bred butterflies and is full of essential vitamins.

A laboratory formulated blend of food with essential vitamins suitable for wild butterflies, moths and bred butterflies. This easy to use food mix provides a valuable source of nectar for butterflies, moths and other insects at times when there are few flowers available like early spring or late summer, or when habitats have been over-managed and nectar is in short supply.The mix is easy to prepare by mixing with water and can be used with butterfly feeders or presented in a shallow dish. The special solution has been formulated to ensure the sugars do NOT crystallize in the in the stomach of the insect, which can be a risk with simple sugar solutions. Unused mixed solution can be stored for up to 7 days in a refrigerator.

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