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Bempton Hanging Bird Table

Bempton Hanging Bird Table

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Ornate Hanging Bird Table

This Hanging Bird Table is simply one of the most attractive and practical bird tables around. Handmade in timber from sustainably managed forests, this bird feeder table features intricate lattice woodwork in a painted green finish, with a real verdigris copper roof and a natural rope for hanging.
Unlike most bird tables which are tricky to clean and become messy, our Hanging Bempton Table has a clever side panel and tray which lifts out for easy cleaning. This also gives access to the inside edges of the bird table so they may be brushed out removing any old food which may harbour bacteria.

The balustrade of latticework and arches around the Bempton provides a safe area for smaller birds to feed. This restricted access prevents larger species such as crows, pigeons, magpies, seagulls from being able to access the food and also provides safety from predators such as sparrow hawks.

Copper Roof: An initial verdigris coating is applied to the rough copper roof wrap, this gives it an instant aged and rugged effect. Further natural patination of the copper will then follow in time. It is natural for some of the initial coating to have imperfections or even flake away, any loose material may be brushed off to allow further natural verdigris to develop.

Hanging bird table features: 

  • Attractive, intricate lattice woodwork
  • Real verdigris copper roof. 
  • Can be mounted on a pole if required
  • Hang from any convenient, accessible and visible location

Bird table dimensions:

  • Height: 300 
  • Width: 200 
  • Depth: 200 
  • Weight: 1.04kg

Note: it is natural for wood to move in different weather conditions and small cracks may appear in the paint work which will not affect the construction. Only water based finishes are used for environmental reasons. Painted colour may vary from off white to very light green.
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