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Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder

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Garden birds will love this pinecone-style bird feeder. It comes complete with a chain and hook to easily attach it to a peg or branch. This decorative feeder can be approached by birds from all sides, and the open scales allow the feed to be placed on different levels, allowing more birds to feed at one time.  


Unique design: The pinecone design takes its inspiration from nature. When the cones are open, this indicates good weather. Bird food can be placed in the various holders, allowing more birds to feed at one time. 

Easy to Clean: This bird feeder is easy to fill and clean when required. It’s very easy to set-up too, simply hang it where you desire.

Hanging hook: The feeder comes with a chain and hook to easily mount it on branches, feeding stations or pegs.


Size: W19.7cm x D19.7cm x H23cm

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