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Nesting Pocket

Nesting Pocket

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This traditional nesting bag is made from high-quality, natural seagrass and offers a safe nesting place for blue tits and other small garden birds. As well as protecting populations of birds, the nesting bag also provides a place to shelter from bad weather. 

The bag should be places 2m high in a well-hidden location covered by foliage. Try to find a sheltered spot, facing away from driving rain or wind, with a clear flight path to the nest. A handy mounting loop is included for easy assembly. 


Durable: Weatherproof solid seagrass construction provides effective protection against wind and rain, ensuring the nesting bag can be used for many years. 

Attract small garden birds: The nesting bag has an entrance hole diameter of 27mm, making it perfect for smaller garden bird such as blue tits and wrens. 


Size: W12.6cm x D12.6cm x H31cm

Material: Seagrass

Hole Diameter: 27mm

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