5 Tips for Easy Birdwatching

5 Tips for Easy Birdwatching

This weekend sees the return of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. The idea of this annual event is to spend one hour between 28-30th January observing and counting the birds in your garden, noting what you see and reporting this data back to the RSPB. 

Last year, over a million people took part in what has quickly become the UK’s biggest citizen-led science project. Follow our five tips to make your birdwatching experience as fun and easy as possible: 

1. Install a Bird Feeder 

During the winter months, birds need extra food to stay healthy. Installing a bird feeder in your garden is a great way to provide the delicious seeds and extra nutrients help them, as well as providing bird lovers with a way to watch them while they feed. Don’t forget to clean your feeder regularly with hot water. Our Bird Feeder Cameras are an ideal way to watch your feeding birds up close! 

2. Provide Fresh Water 

All garden birds need fresh, clean water every day, especially in winter when many natural sources of water are frozen over. Place a bird bath in your garden to watch your feathered friends come back day after day to clean themselves, drink and play. We offer a wide range of different Bird Baths – your birds will thank you! 

3. Bird Boxes 

Place different Bird Boxes at various locations around your garden to offer different species of bird a shelter during cold winter nights. Chances are, they will then use this same bird box for nesting in the spring. If you want to see exactly what happens inside your bird box, check out our range of Bird Box Cameras that allow 24/7 access to your nesting birds from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

4. Be Patient! 

Patience is an essential quality for birdwatchers! It may take a little time for birds to appear, but if you’ve made your garden attractive enough to birds, then they’ll visit. Not knowing what will turn up is all part of the excitement! Nature always rewards bird lovers, so just shhh... and wait...! 

5. Keep Predators Away 

If you have a cat, keep them inside or put a small bell or brightly coloured collar on them to let the birds hear or see them before they approach. Cats have evolved to become efficient predators, so making it harder for them makes it a little easier for the birds! 


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Follow these five tips for an easy hour of birdwatching during the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend and don’t forget to check out our new Birdwatch Bundles designed to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden quickly and easily! Each Birdwatch Bundle includes free delivery and offers huge savings on some of our best sellers, like bird feeders, clear window feeders and bird boxes!

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