Nuthatch Nest Boxes

The Nuthatch requires a small nest box with a 32mm entrance hole. the Nuthatch box should be positioned approximately 3 meters or more above ground with a clear flight path to the bird box. The nuthatch will plaster mud around the entrance, side and roof of the nest cavity, the floor is lined with wood chippings and leaves and then egg laying starts between early April and mid June, nuthatches occasionally have two broods. They can lay upto 8 eggs which are white with reddish specks, incubation takes 2 - 3 weeks and then the nuthatch chicks will fledge about 3 - 4 weeks later.
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Multi Species Bird Box

Handmade from Western Red Cedar. Removable centre panel for open fronted nesters, attract the widest range of garden birds.
SKU: NB-06
  • £21.99

Cedarplus Wooden Nest Box

Manufactured from long-lasting cedar sourced from managed Canadian forests. Easy access and maintenance free. 26 & 32mm holes
  • £25.95

Schwegler Nestbox 1B

Woodcrete Bird Box. Maintenance free, durable lifetime bird box. Optional colours and hole sizes 26, 32mm and Oval.
SKU: 102/3-B32
  • £26.75

Schwegler Nestbox 2M

Domed hanging Bird Box 2M. Maintenance free, durable lifetime nest box. Optional colours and hole sizes 26 and 32mm
SKU: 111/5-B32
  • £29.49

Camera Ready Flat Roof Bird Box

Suitable for use with a Gardenature colour nest box camera for which the camera bracket is already installed.
SKU: NB-03
  • £37.95

Brick Box Type 24

Woodcrete build-in bird nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls. Redstart, Nuthatches,Tit species
SKU: 710/0
  • £39.75

The Bird House

Woodcrete bird box with 32mm hole and a hanging bracket on the back. Maintenance free durable bird house
SKU: 372/0
  • £42.49

Avianex 1MR Bird Box

Woodcrete bird box, maintenance free. Distinctive looks that compliment any garden. Red, Brown, Green and Open Fronted
SKU: 155/9-1MR
  • £42.75

Nuthatch Box 5KL

Nuthatches will readily adopt this box if it is hung reasonably high and close to the trunk of a mature beech or oak.
SKU: 182/5
  • £53.75