Gardenature and Education

Children love computers

Children love TV

And they love gadgets

Encouraging children away from the TV or computer can be difficult to say the least. Installing one of our camera nesting boxes or wildlife camera kits in your garden can tempt children outside into their back yard to investigate or create interesting habitats for wildlife to visit. Imagination and ingenuity will help gain interesting and sometimes spectacular wildlife camera footage, which can be saved onto video/DVD or computer to share with their friends and family.

School Bird Box Cameras

Our nest box camera kits are perfect for use in schools and are ideal for bridging the gap between technology and nature. Wildlife cameras can offer variety and excitement to a number of key subjects in the national curriculum, especially when incorporated into your school wildlife garden. Subjects such as...

  • Science
  • Design & Technology
  • English
  • Maths
  • History

...can all benefit either directly or indirectly from using a Gardenature bird box camera or wildlife camera in your school.

We offer educational discounts and pro-forma invoicing.

Please call or email us for any help and advice.