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AHD-HDMI Converter

AHD-HDMI Converter

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AHD - HDMI Converter

If you want to connect your AHD wildlife camera straight to a TV (HDMI) or monitor without using a DVR CCTV recorder, then this AHD to HDMI converter will do the job very well.

Connecting your AHD Wildlife or AHD nest box camera to a TV directly without this HDMI converter means it would have to be set to analogue mode resulting in a loss of HD picture quality. By using the inline AHD converter your camera can be set to high definition 720p or 1080p without any loss of HD image quality.  We think this is an absolute must for a standard DIY install where you want the best quality camera image cabled straight to your TV or monitor screen via a spare HDMI port.

  • For use with AHD / CVI / TVI Cameras (NOT for use with CCD cameras)
  • HDMI output support for 720 & 1080p TV/Monitors.
  • Supplied with a 3 pin mains power supply 12V DC plug

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