How to Help Birds During a Heatwave

How to Help Birds During a Heatwave

Heatwaves are a challenge for wildlife and are unfortunately becoming more frequent during the summer months. On hot days, birds usually stay out of the sun by taking shade in a tree; however, in a heatwave, this may not be enough. During these extreme weather events, birds can face severe dehydration, but we can do things to help. Let's find out how... 

Why are Heatwaves Dangerous for Birds? 

Many bird species are on the verge of extinction due to global warming. These species are already living in a much warmer climate than they used to and are unable to adapt to this changing environment in such a short time, as it usually takes tens or even hundreds of thousands of years to evolve. 

This summer, temperatures have been extremely high, with July seeing many European countries hitting record temperatures. This affects all living creatures, including us humans. But while we can take shelter and hydrate easily, it is not so easy for animals to find plenty of water. It's easy to feel helpless during these heatwaves, but we can still do something for birds and other wildlife who are already suffering from a decrease in insects to eat (due to the overuse of pesticides). 

How Can We Help Birds During a Heatwave? 

A great way to help birds, insects and other wildlife is by installing a bird bath in your garden. We have a huge range of bird baths available here – most of which are currently half price, such as our Lunar 3-in-1 Bird Bath with a Feeder. planter, and solar powered LED light to illuminate at night. 

You can also make your own bird bath. All you have to do is put fresh water in an old bowl or container. Add some flower seeds to attract the birds and place it in a sunny, open area to avoid attack by cats or other predators while the birds are hydrating or washing themselves.

Bird baths and feeders are a great way to help the birds in your garden survive the very hot weather. You can even give birdbaths to friends and family members as a useful gift, as it is very relaxing to watch the birds come and go to cool off or groom themselves. For larger bird baths, you can also add pebbles to the bottom so that insects or bees can drink without the risk of drowning. 

When Should I Change the Water in a Bird Bath? 
It is important to change the water frequently, ideally every day, to ensure that the water is fresh and clean for the birds that come to bathe in it. In hot weather, microbes, bacteria and viruses can spread easily so it's important to change the water often and to disinfect (with soap or washing up liquid) the bird bath / feeder to avoid any contamination or transmission of diseases.

We must act quickly to save birds from extinction. We're all responsible for protecting them and helping them survive. Installing bird baths and feeders in your garden is crucial to their survival.

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