Gardenature Announces Acquisition of Green Frog Designs

Gardenature Announces Acquisition of Green Frog Designs

We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired Green Frog Designs Ltd., a manufacturer of poultry housing. The announcement comes after the recent acquisition of Gardenature by experienced entrepreneur Richard Freedman.

Green Frog Designs was formed in Somerset in 2009 and specialises in the design and manufacture of precision-made animal housing from recycled plastic waste. The range of products will be manufactured at the Gardenature premises in Essex using the same recyclable materials and manufacturing techniques.

“The acquisition of Green Frog Designs is exciting news for the Gardenature business,” Richard Freedman, Managing Director at Gardenature, said. “The range of chicken coops and other poultry housing has been expertly designed and perfected over the years by the founders of Green Frog Designs. We are delighted that these products will be integrated into the Gardenature business and will expand and enhance our current product offering to better serve our customers.

“Investing in sustainability and eco-friendly, high-quality products is our top priority,” Freedman continued. “We have also invested in a CNC router which will allow us to manufacture the products in the same way at our own facility by using original CAD drawings and identical product materials. We will maintain the quality associated with Green Frog Designs whilst providing customers with fantastic service, after-sales support and advice through the Gardenature business.”

“It has been a pleasure to develop the Green Frog Designs business since 2009,” Adrian Morgan, Co-founder of Green Frog Designs Ltd., said. “We feel it is now the right time to hand over the reigns to someone that can invest both time and money into growing the business and product range. Gardenature shares the same sustainability ethos and values that we have developed at Green Frog Designs, which makes it the perfect company to nurture and grow the business.”

Gardenature specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality wildlife observation systems, wildlife habitats, and eco-friendly garden furniture made from recycled materials. As well as the domestic market, the company also distributes its products to schools and colleges, building developments, golf courses, conservation consultancies and wildlife television production companies.

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