Are You Ready For Nesting Season?

Are You Ready For Nesting Season?

Nesting season is nearly here and we are super excited for it this year! Not only have we launched two new Bird Box Camera Systems, but we’ve also developed a brand new free app to make watching your nesting birds up close in HD on your smartphone or tablet easier than ever.

While most UK birds begin looking for a suitable nesting site from October onwards, nesting season typically takes place between March and August, with different species of birds breeding at different times within this period. 

Most common birds, such as the blue tit, great tit, and robin, begin nesting in March, April or May, with the peak of UK bird nesting activity taking place in May and June. Many species of birds, such as the sparrows and starlings, have seen a decline in population in recent years, and conservation efforts are currently being made to protect them. 

Here are 5 easy things you can do to make sure your garden is ready for a successful nesting season:

1. Provide nesting materials, such as twigs, grasses, feathers, and nesting wool to encourage birds to build their nests.

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Photo credit: Duncan Day

2. Avoid using pesticides or herbicides in the area where birds are likely to be nesting, as these chemicals can be harmful to both the birds and their eggs.

3. Provide a source of food and water for the birds, such as a bird feeder or birdbath. Check out our huge range bird baths and feeders to keep birds happy and healthy.

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4. Clean and repair any existing bird houses or nest boxes to ensure they are in good condition for the upcoming nesting season.

5. Install a Gardenature Bird Box Camera System in your garden to monitor the nesting birds and their young.

We recently launched the world’s first Solar-Powered WiFi Bird Box Camera System to allow 24/7 access to the birds nesting in your garden without the need to run a power cable back to the house or shed. The solar panel features its own integrated 15600mA battery pack which keeps the 3MP HD WiFi Battery Camera inside the bird box powered for the entire nesting season.

nest box camera

If you want to site your bird box out of WiFi range, we also offer a newly upgraded 4MP HD WiFi Camera System that can be powered by an ethernet cable instead. 

nest box wifi camera

Both of our new systems offer great features like Motion Detection Instant Alerts to your phone, Night Vision Infrared LEDs for viewing in complete darkness, and highly-sensitive microphones to allow you to hear your nesting birds as clearly as you can see them!

Some bird species, such as the cuckoo, are brood parasites and lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species. Woodpeckers also usually search trees for insects and larvae, but during nesting season are known to prey on smaller birds’ nests and steal the eggs for nutrition. To prevent birds like these entering our nest boxes, we provide two different-sized stainless steel protector plates with every bird box, which ensure the entrance hole is inaccessible to larger predatory species.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your garden ready for nesting season and give your local birds the best possible chance at a successful nesting season!

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