Schwegler Bat Boxes, Bat Tubes and Bat Roosts

Schwegler have a large range of woodcrete Bat Boxes to meet any requirements. Whether it's a Bat box for your garden, Bat conservation project, or Bat tubes to be built into a stone wall, we have something to meet your needs. Schwegler Bat habitats are manufactured from a very strong and durable wood and concrete compound and carry a 25 year guarantee.
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2FN Special Bat Box

This woodcrete bat box has two entrances, one at the rear against the tree trunk and one at the front. Bats often creep into the rear entrance but leave by the front.
SKU: 136/8
  • £47.95

3FN Small Bat Box

A specially adapted bat box based on the 2FN, this bat box has smaller entrances at the front and in the floor providing increased protection against natural predators
SKU: 138/2
  • £47.95

2F Standard Bat Box

Can be hung on buildings or trees, provides accommodation for a large number of bats. 25 year guarantee
SKU: 134/4
  • £35.95

2F Standard Bat Box with Double Front Panel

Can be hung on buildings or trees, provides accommodation for a number of crevice inhabiting bats. 25 year guarantee
SKU: 135/4
  • £48.95

1FD Bat Box with Triple Front Panel

This bat box makes an ideal nursery roost for small bats such as Pipistrelle and Long Eared Bats. Removable front panel. 25 year guarantee
SKU: 132/0
  • £69.95

Bat Box 1FF

This Bat Box is big enough to allow colonial bats to use either as a roost or a nursery. No maintenance, Schwegler 25 year guarantee
SKU: 139/9
  • £79.95

1FFH Universal Bat Box

This Schwegler Bat Box is suitable for all bat species. Its semi circular back allows for installation on trees, posts or any flat surface.
SKU: 130/6
  • £154.95

Flat Bat Colony Box 3FF

Provides sufficient space for larger groups of female bats which convene in nursery roosts. Available with OR without inspection hatch. No maintenance, self cleaning. Schwegler 25 year guarantee
SKU: 239/6
  • £97.95

Large Colony Bat Box 1FS

Large box for attracting these very sociable creatures. Ideal for use as a nursing area to raise young.
SKU: 133/7
  • £114.95

Bat Colony Box 2FS

Large day roost box for small bats. This colony bat box has a narrow entrance to prevent larger bats or other animals from intruding.
SKU: 233/4
  • £124.95

Bat Colony Box 3FS

Large box for small bats with double front panel. This colony bat box has a narrow entrance to prevent larger bats or other animals from intruding.
SKU: 234/1
  • £124.95

Hibernation Bat Box 1FW

This hibernation box has insulation between the outer and inner walls, which also reduces the amount of condensation inside.
SKU: 137/5
  • £239.95

Brick Box Type 27

Woodcrete build-in Bat nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls. Removeable front with internal rough wood panel
SKU: 740/7
  • £49.95

1GS Brick Roost

The special material used in the 1GS Brick Bat Roost absorbs moisture from the surrounding area, providing the perfect bat roost in areas free from frost
SKU: 770/4
  • £59.95

Bat Tube 1FR

Single bat tube for building into external walls. No cleaning or maintenance required
SKU: 750/6
  • £94.95

Bat Tube 2FR

Single bat tube with interconnecting holes. A number of tubes can be built into a wall as a modular form side by side
SKU: 755/1
  • £94.95

Winter & Summer Bat Roost 1WI

Bat Roost for flush installation into walls for hibernation or roosting of Bats during the winter and summer months
SKU: 766/7
  • £109.95

Universal Summer Bat Roost 2FTH

The Schwegler 2FTH is suitable for all bat species inhabiting buildings, forests and woodland, providing a suitable summer roost site.
SKU: 772/8
  • £309.95

Bat Access Panel 1FE

Open back enables bats to continue to use existing nesting sites in walls. Conversions, renovations etc. Optional back plate.
SKU: 747/6
  • £62.95

1FE Optional Back Plate

Optional back Plate for 1FE Bat Access panel
SKU: 748/3
  • £38.95

2FE Wall Mounted Bat Shelters x2

This is a pack of TWO Schwegler 2FE wall-mounted bat shelters which are ideal for Pipistrelle, Whiskered and Barbastelle bats
SKU: 737/7
  • £47.95

Bat Roost 1FQ

Bat Nursery or Roost. Designed specifically to be fitted on an external wall, house, barn or other building.
SKU: 760/5
  • £109.95

Summer & Winter Bat Roost 1WQ

Designed for Safe hibernation of Bats in winter as well as for roosting and raising young in summer
SKU: 765/0
  • £169.95