Garden Bird Boxes and Nesting Boxes

Our garden nest boxes have been carefully manufactured and selected for best quality, durability and lowest maintenance. We have quite a range of nesting boxes to attract birds and provide a safe breeding environment for them to return to year after year. Some nest boxes are specialised, If you don't see what you want please contact us and we will be pleased to help and advise.
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Build-in House Sparrow Nest Box

Two chamber sparrow terrace, optional fix-on or build-in to your house or garden wall. Wood and concrete mix provides good insulation.
SKU: CJ-900710119
  • £29.99

Sparrow Terrace 1SP - Brown

Designed for fixing on (or into) walls this woodcrete sparrow house provides insulated accommodation. Colours: Brown or Stone
SKU: 590/B
  • £74.75

Avianex 1MR Bird Box

Woodcrete bird box, maintenance free. Distinctive looks that compliment any garden. Red, Brown, Green and Open Fronted
SKU: 155/9-1MR
  • £42.75

Roundhouse for Wrens 1ZA

A very durable and distinct looking nest box for Wrens and other small nesting birds. Available in Ivy Green or Autumn Red.
SKU: 200/6
  • £39.75

The Robin Box

Available in Cedar or Pine. This robin nest box is perfect for positioning in a hedge, on a post, house wall or fence. Best placed in foliage less than 2 meters off the ground.
  • £9.49

Natural Log Robin Nester

Silver birch Log nest, suitable for Robins, Wrens,Pied wagtails or Spotted Flycatchers. Maintenance free
  • £14.29

Robin Nester Pocket

Natural style Robin Nester that can be concealed in places that Robins love to secretly nest. Also suitable for Wagtails & Spotted Flycatchers
  • £9.99

Cedarplus Robin Nest Box

Manufactured from long-lasting cedar sourced from managed forests. 75mm entrance hole for Robins.
  • £22.95

2H Open Fronted Robin Box

Schwegler Woodcrete. No Maintenance, durable and long lasting. Ideal for attracting Robins and Wrens year after year.
SKU: 152/8
  • £25.75

Build-in Open Nest Box

Open fronted nesting box for Robins, Wrens, Pied Wagtails and Black Redstarts. Build into your house or garden wall. Wood and concrete mix provides good insulation, is predator proof and has a 10 year guarantee
SKU: CJ-907450120
  • £23.99

Brick Box Type 26

Open fronted bird nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls.
SKU: 730/0
  • £39.75

Cedarplus Wren Nest Box

Manufactured from long-lasting cedar sourced from expertly managed forests. 35mm entrance for Wrens
  • £22.95
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