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Sparrow Nest Boxes

Our Sparrow Bird Boxes provide a warm and safe place for these social birds to breed. Our sparrow boxes are manufactured from Woodcrete or PEFC Western Red Cedar which not only withstands the UK weather but also insulates the box for levelling internal temperatures through the seasons.
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Multi Species Bird Box

Handmade from Western Red Cedar. Removable centre panel for open fronted nesters, attract the widest range of garden birds.
SKU: NB-06
  • £29.95

Multi Species Bird Box x3 Pack

x3 Pack for use as a Sparrow Terrace, or Individual multi species Bird Boxes. Optional removable centre panel for open fronted nesters.
SKU: NB-06x3
  • £84.95

The Kirby Bird Box

This attractive dovecote style bird box is manufactured in the UK from weather resistant birch plywood and pressure treated softwood. Ideal for wall, tree or post mounting.
  • RRP £39.99
  • Our Price £32.99
  • SAVE £7

House Sparrow Terrace

Handmade from high grade marine ply. Sparrow house features side fixings for under eaves, 3 chambers with interior ledges and drainage, rain dispersing roof.
  • £39.99

Cedarplus Triple Sparrow House

Designed to provide comfortable accommodation for three Sparrow families. The front door hinges forward for inspection
  • £49.99

New England Bird Box

The new England decorative bird box features an attractive lapboard construction and shingle roof, has a hinged side panel for maintenance and a 32mm protective hole plate.
  • RRP £24.99
  • Our Price £19.99
  • SAVE £5

Build-in House Sparrow Nest Box

Two chamber sparrow terrace, optional fix-on or build-in to your house or garden wall. Wood and concrete mix provides good insulation.
SKU: CJ-900710119
  • £29.99

Sparrow Terrace 1SP - Brown

Designed for fixing on (or into) walls this woodcrete sparrow house provides insulated accommodation. Colours: Brown or Stone
SKU: 590/B
  • £89.99

Woodstone Salamanca Nest Boxes

Oval, 28 & 32mm hole Hanging Bird Boxes. Very robust with good insulation, is predator proof and has a 10 year guarantee
SKU: CJ-90743
  • £21.99

Woodstone Seville Nest Boxes

All variants of the seville garden bird box manufactured from a mixture of wood and concrete which provides good insulation, is predator proof and has a 10 year guarantee
SKU: CJ-90730
  • £21.99

The Bird House

Woodcrete bird box with 32mm hole and a hanging bracket on the back. Maintenance free durable bird house
SKU: 372/0
  • £52.99

Avianex 1MR Bird Box

Woodcrete bird box, maintenance free. Distinctive looks that compliment any garden. Red, Brown, Green and Open Fronted
SKU: 154/0-1MR
  • £52.99

Brick Box Type 24

Woodcrete build-in bird nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls. Redstart, Nuthatches,Tit species
SKU: 710/0
  • £47.99

2GR Nest Box

Schwegler Woodcrete 25 year warranty. Multi species bird box that offers good protection from predators. Available with 3 holes or one oval.
SKU: 218/0
  • £38.99

Schwegler Nestbox 2M

Domed hanging Bird Box 2M. Maintenance free, durable lifetime nest box. Optional colours and hole sizes 26 and 32mm
SKU: 111/5-B32
  • £34.99

Schwegler Nestbox 1B

Woodcrete Bird Box. Maintenance free, durable lifetime bird box. Optional colours and hole sizes 26, 32mm and Oval.
SKU: 102/3-B32
  • £31.99

Pitched Roof Bird Box

Suitable for use with a colour nest box camera. Features a slide out camera drawer, fitted camera bracket, side windows and cable clip.
SKU: NB-02
  • £38.95

Side View Bird Box

For use with a colour nest box camera to get up close side-on view of the nest. Includes Camera tray divider, cam bracket, cable clip.
SKU: NB-04
  • £49.95

Flat Roof Bird Box

Suitable for use with a colour nest box camera. Features a roof window, camera bracket, cable tray and cable clip. Optional open front.
SKU: NB-03
  • £39.95

Cedarplus Wooden Nest Box

Manufactured using long-lasting cedar sourced from managed Canadian forests. 26 & 32mm hole options, easy access and maintenance free.
  • £27.99