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Kestrel Nest Boxes

The Kestrel is one of the UK's most common birds of prey and can often be seen hovering above verges flapping its wings rapidly whilst homing in on its next victim.
Kestrels don't build their own nests but more often use the nests of other large birds such as crows. They will readily make home of a man made kestrel nest box to lay their eggs, usually around April time. Kestrel pairs hatch about 3 - 6 young which will be ready to fledge the kestrel box by late summer.
Kestrel numbers are declining due to habitat and food supply losses in the farmland areas, but they are becoming less common everywhere. You can help to support kestrels by providing them with a Gardenature kestrel nest box.
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Kestrel Nest Box

High quality Kestrel Box with removable perch, sturdy back plate for optional mounting. Handmade in the UK to RSPB specifications
  • £89.95

Schwegler Kestrel Box No28

Schwegler Woodcrete nesting box, highly effective and weather resistant. Durable and long lasting Kestrel box.
SKU: 251/8
  • £147.99

Universal Barn Owl Nest Box

Barn Owl Box / Kestrel Nest Box for Internal or External use. Ideal for face on to wall/crevice opening, or rear mounting to walls. Inspection hatch and roof sliding access. Heavy Duty
  • £137.95

Schwegler Barn Owl Nest Box No23

This Owl Box / Kestrel Box proves very popular if installed on the interior wall of places like old barns and church towers.
SKU: 250/1
  • £189.99