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Bees, Beehives and Bee Nesters

Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem for plants and wildlife. We are aware of a dramatic decline in the Bee population so it's essential that we all try to do something towards bee preservation. Here we have a selection of bee hives and bee nesters for you to consider, but also remember to simply put some bee-friendly plants in your garden.
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Solitary Beehive Camera Box

The Mini Beehive Camera is positioned so that you can observe the top solitary bee tube tray, easily removed for inspection and/or cleaning. Educational and fun for all age groups!
  • £124.95

The Urban Bee Nester

Removable Solitary Bee and insect chamber, manufactured from FSC wood, cane, clay and recycled plastic. highly durable, hang square or as diamond shape. 10 year guarantee
  • RRP £27.49
  • Offer Price £23.49
  • SAVE £4

Solitary Bee Hive

Interactive Solitary Bee habitat with stacking trays, can be opened for inspection. Beneficial for pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables.
  • RRP £24.99
  • Offer Price £21.99
  • SAVE £3

Big Insect Biome

Educational and fun, this Bee and Bug Hotel is not only a great product but will also look amazing in your garden.
  • £59.99

Bee & Bug Biome

This award winning Bee & Bug house provides a home for solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects such as lacewings.
  • £23.79

Kinsman Bee Nester

A high capacity Bee nesting habitat for cavity nesting solitary bees like leafcutter bee, red mason bees and other bee species
  • RRP £18.99
  • Offer Price £14.99
  • SAVE £4

Bumblebee or Mini Mammal Nester

Handmade habitat to encourage nesting of bumblebees, or placed on the ground for mice. Bumblebees are often attracted to disused mouse and bird box nests!
  • £33.99

Friendly Bug Barn

Educational and fun, this multi species bug house may attract ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees and possibly over-wintering butterflies too.
  • £13.95

SeedBall - Bee

A careful selection of native wildflower seeds that bees will just love! Our mix uses only species recommended by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
SKU: GN-SBallBee
  • £5.95